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Our Ambition

The current trajectory of humanitarian assistance is not sustainable. The humanitarian sector worldwide is confronted with an increasing demand for humanitarian aid and emergency response services. In the last 10 years the number of people affected by crisis has almost doubled and the cost of international humanitarian aid has tripled. The needs and conditions of people affected by these crisis have also changed. In many cases, traditional humanitarian assistance tools, services and models would need to better reflect these changing emergency contexts. Innovation is needed to find adequate answers to these disruptive changes and help those in need. It is recognized that innovation within the humanitarian domain has the potential to provide more effective and sustainable ways of humanitarian service delivery to people affected by a humanitarian disaster or crisis.

Our Coalition

We are governmental actors, knowledge institutes, academia, businesses (incl. small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s)) and humanitarian organizations in the Netherlands. We bring together a unique combination of resources, expertise and capabilities. We believe in ‘W3innovation’; a win-win-win is achieved for all partners.

Our Activities

We strive for break-through innovations to overcome the challenges faced by the humanitarian sector. Each years our board sets the innovation agenda for the upcoming year; a set of challenges which require innovation to meet the changing conditions of the sector is jointly selected. Current partners and new partners are engaged to uncover the main issues within these challenges. Partners jointly commit to the projects during our workshops. Our projects are always led and conducted jointly by several partners. Progress is monitored, insights captured, lessons learned and results shared within the coalition by our support office to facilitate the activities in the next year.

Our partners operate in line with our DCHI Guiding Principles

Combined leadership from the start

  • Government, businesses, knowledge institutes and humanitarian organizations
  • Joint innovation effort by humanitarian organizations

Clear strategy & shared agenda setting

  • Innovations are linked to the overall problem statement
  • A focus on limited number of thematic areas for innovation

Focus from the start on sustainable innovation

  • Starting with beneficiaries
  • Win-win-win for all other stakeholders (Winnovation)

Monitoring progress innovation and innovation process

  • Keep track of successes and failures
  • What can we learn from it for future innovation initiatives

Tell, Sell & Share

  • Transforming the humanitarian aid by selling and sharing successes
  • Look for opportunities to scaling up to increase the impact of humanitarian aid

Our projects are in line with the humanitarian principles:

  • The coalition has a humanitarian purpose
  • The coalition respect user’s autonomy and avoid harm to users and their communities.
  • The coalition acts according to the principles of integrity, justice and accountability.

The DCHI thematic focus areas are:

1. Increase the impact of humanitarian aid through smart use of data
2. Assist affected people to be in charge of their own future
3. Ensure the safety of affected people and humanitarian staff
4. Timely delivery of humanitarian supplies of affected people
5. Ensure the health of affected people

Our partners are engaged with initiatives that fall within these thematic areas.


Guiding Principles


Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles

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